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Successful Travian Tournament hoping for another onslaught of visitors in 2013

The Travian Tournament 2013/2014 starts now!

By organizing its annual Travian Tournament, Munich-based browser games specialist Travian Games has really struck a chord with its loyal player base. Hundreds of thousands of players around the globe compete in gripping battles for the prestigious title of world champion of the Travian browser game. The last Travian Tournament in 2012/2013 was incredibly popular, with over 500,000 players. The tournament was completed in a record time of barely eight months. Once again, the top place was contested by different groups of players from Russia. Travian Tournament 2013/2014 has just started its qualifying stages. more


A Full Dozen: Kick off 12th goalunited Season with FC Liverpool and FC Barcelona as Sparring Partners

12th goalunited season with Barcelona and Liverpool

Real football fanatics the world over are put through the wringer each season. And in the virtual world of the beloved online football manager game goalunited 2013, things are no less exciting. This new season kicks off with amazing highlights. Two real, high-caliber teams, FC Liverpool and FC Barcelona—and all their star players—are available for extraordinary games for a limited time. Starting on the 10th (Liverpool) and 13th (Barcelona), managers can liven up their usual league play and compete for sought-after trophies in the virtual clubhouse.more


Full steam ahead for the open beta of Rail Nation

Rail Nation Open Beta now available

Trains have always fascinated people – millions of enthusiasts worldwide dedicate their free time to the pursuit of this fascination for everything to do with railroads, locomotives and the routes they follow. Successful board games, computer games and entire TV shows are dedicated to the theme – but until now, no contemporary online game covering this area has held the public’s attention. Travian Games and its subsidiary Bright Future (Miramagia, FIFA Manager 13) have more than met this challenge. Now all the tracks are in place and the free-of-charge Rail Nation is powering out of the station on its first open beta journey! more

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