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Full steam ahead for the open beta of Rail Nation

Rail Nation Open Beta now available

Trains have always fascinated people – millions of enthusiasts worldwide dedicate their free time to the pursuit of this fascination for everything to do with railroads, locomotives and the routes they follow. Successful board games, computer games and entire TV shows are dedicated to the theme – but until now, no contemporary online game covering this area has held the public’s attention. Travian Games and its subsidiary Bright Future (Miramagia, FIFA Manager 13) have more than met this challenge. Now all the tracks are in place and the free-of-charge Rail Nation is powering out of the station on its first open beta journey! more


The newly-hatched Battlemons can now be admired in their full glory in the open beta

Battlemons for everyone - play now the Open Beta!

The cute, colorful and seemingly peaceful little monsters look up with their big, sleepy eyes at the research team stranded on their jungle planet. The astronauts soon discover that the creatures – affectionately dubbed Battlemons – can be tamed and trained into powerful fighters. Behind their cute exterior, the little creatures turn out to be relentless in battle. But despite their awesome abilities, they only fight one another in sporting competitions to discover who is the strongest Battlemon on the planet and for the pride and glory of their trainers. more


Travian Games kicks off 2013 with the SciFi Satire Browsergame Roger & Out

In a galaxy far, far away Roger & Out reach for new boarders - fascinating!

Roger & Out, two hilarious robots, have the first leg of their long hyperspace journey behind them. The alpha phase of their mission to amuse was a big success and now the two protagonist pals are getting ready to take Travian Games latest product to the next level. The closed beta blasts off on Wednesday, 16 January 2013. At anyone can go ahead and apply for one of the limited access codes. more

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