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Mighty Heroes, Massive Walls and Strategic Thinking - Tower Heroes Closed Beta started

The Closed Beta of Tower Heroes has just been launched

“None shall pass!”—that’s the battle cry at the heart of every tower defense game. Travian Games is taking the genre in a new direction, building a cleverly-balanced massively-multiplayer strategy game on a solid foundation of challenging tower defense gameplay. The combination makes Tower Heroes, developed in Canada by developer ODD 1, absolutely unique and offers players an entirely new gameplay experience. more


The conquest of Europe continues as Rise of Europe goes into its open beta phase

Now available for all players with its Open Beta: Rise of Europe

This August, Rise of Europe came, saw and conquered. Today the joint strategy project between Perfect World from China and Travian Games starts into the open beta phase. Starting immediately, anybody with a browser can immerse themselves in the world of Renaissance Europe to support the Fuggers, the Tudors or the Medici.more


Imperion starts with international server in its closed beta phase

Launched internationally in its Closed Beta: Imperion

You would think that the endless reaches of space provide enough room for colonization or research. And yet it is the stage for an epic conflict between three peoples in the free-to-play browser game Imperion. In this galactic strategy game, the aggressive Xen, the technologically-superior Titans and the adaptable Terrans do battle in order to expand and achieve supremacy in space. With the closed beta starting now, players take on the role of a general and attempt to expand into space, colonize new planets and overcome conflicts with military might, diplomacy or through cooperation.more

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