Rail Nation delivers 1m players

Travian Games celebrates milestone of strategic railway game – distributing additional Gold for 24 hours

Munich, 29th July 2014 - The successful browser game Rail Nation celebrates the activation of its one millionth player together with its fans

Only in May the new scenario Rail Nation USA was launched with overwhelming success. The development team at Bright Future is delighted to see the registration of more than one million players today.

"We are very proud of the journey we have made together with our fans so far. But, we're not even close to reaching the end of the tracks. Development continues to run at full speed and we will deliver thrilling new content for our players in the future and on new platforms, too. The next couple of months will be very exciting", says Rail Nation's Game Director Petr Vlcek.

In order to thank the community for all their support over the last months, Travian Games is running a 24h special event, starting today, Tuesday, 29th July 2014 at 12 noon. Within that period of time each player will receive a 25% bonus on all Gold purchases in Rail Nation.

Rail Nation explicitly doesn't only appeal to browser game experts, but also offers an easy entry into the subject through its convenient controls, without relinquishing advanced options for great strategists. The first real railway browser game is designed for a game duration of 3 months per round and offers a variety of gripping features, which currently can be discovered by railway fans in 19 different languages.

Interested players can register at  and smell the smoke of mighty steam engines or feel the airstream of super-fast electric trains. Additionally, the Facebook channel is available for regular news and updates. The official game forum is available at .

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For Rome!

Players worldwide enter the Travian Summer Special: Ancient Europe

Munich, July 10 2014 – The Roman Empire is on the brink of civil war! The old emperor has died and no one is there to succeed him. The Senate is hopelessly at loggerheads to find the right candidate. In this critical make-or-break situation, the senators have come up with a daring plan. Each citizen of the Roman Empire is asked to apply for the position of the new emperor. Who will have enough power, who will have enough influence in the Senate and who is able to pursue his goals with military force? Anything can happen in Ancient Europe! 

“For the first time in Travian's ten year history, Travian Games has created a completely new summer special scenario, which is still based on the core principles of Travian, but at the same time also incorporates many new features, such as a new map, a new endgame and new game mechanics”, says Eckart Foos, Game Director Travian 4. In the summer of this year, the motto won't be "double speed" but rather "for Rome".

“The scenario is set in the golden age of the Roman Empire. Rome's sphere of influence stretches from Western Europe to the Middle East and from Northern Europe to North Africa. The map resembles this area, depicting a very real image of Europe at the time” adds Brian Terek, Product Manager Travian 4. The map displays different climate zones, as well as rivers, volcanoes and roughly 90 of the most important ancient cities. Each of these cities is home to a powerful artifact, which offers the players advantages in the game.

The first servers just started and many more will follow over the whole month of July. Players can always register for the game free of charge at Travian Games is giving away a gold coin valued at approximately 1.000,- euros among all registered and enabled participants of the Ancient Europe summer special scenario at the end of the summer.


Miramagia – New Worlds

New Miramagia update

Munich, 8th May 2014 – Bright Future and Travian Games release the biggest ever Miramagia update in 2014, with the subheading New Worlds. Many new features and tasks await the players.

The new feature: the valley map

The valley map is the new key element in Miramagia – New Worlds. For the first time ever, Miramagia players are now able to look beyond their own village and see other villages in their area or valley. It's now possible to not only visit neighbours but also explore previously unknown valleys. The villages are displayed on the map showing the magical experience of their inhabitants.

Exciting tasks and rewards held by the questies

Altogether, 15 different Miramagian creatures await the players on the valley map. These range from old friends like the sorcerer to fascinating creatures of legend which have never been glimpsed before in this magical world full of wonder. They hold over 40 task types in total for the players, each with varying difficulties.

The next festival draws closer: the dragon event.

The "Festive Dragon Lair" takes place for the second time from the 13th to the 31st of May; the players particularly enjoyed it last year. Alongside fantastic clothing, fireproof seating groups and atmospheric decorations following the dragon theme, doubled rewards await the players at all dragon races during this time.

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