Travian Speed Areas fill up completely in record-breaking 36 hours

The Munich-based browser games publisher Travian Games was caught by surprise when fans flooded the newly-started speed arena servers. While it normally takes several days to fill a server, both of these game rounds completely filled up with players within less than 36 hours. A true record for Travian Games. No other product has ever filled its servers so quickly – a clear sign that Travian 4’s popularity is only growing

The Travian Speed Arenas were filled in less than 36 hours with ambitious gamers

After previous positive experiences with speed servers, Travian Games launched two speed arena servers last week. Both were very different from the usual servers launched in their respective countries: The speed arena is played at ten times the usual speed in the international version and five times speed in the Arabic version. This is an extreme challenge for the players, as all actions in the game are completed much faster. Also the game’s map is smaller than usual, allowing for less expansion space. It’s an exciting tightly-packed battle between Gauls, Romans, and Teutons.

For almost eight years the free browser game Travian is fascinating players all across the world in over 40 languages. That’s reason enough for Travian Games to continuously improve their flagship product and to excite their worldwide customer base with special events.

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