A surprise for the eighth birthday of Travian – heroines at the front!

Travian, one of the longest running and most successful browser games worldwide, is celebrating its eighth birthday today. Reason enough for Travian Games to honor its eponymous product by rewarding its players.   It is time to celebrate the anniversary with over 120 million registered Travian players and to unpack an exciting present. Rumors have been rife, but it is now time to unveil the latest addition to Travians – the battle-hardened heroine! From now on, players can choose whether to play the game in the role of a male or a female hero!

Birthday present for all players of Travian: A brand new heroine

Until now, players could only choose bearded Teuton leaders, grizzled Gallic chieftans, or power-hungry Roman senators when joining the huge world of the browser-based classic. At last, Travian Games is introducing a little gender equality. Just as with male heroes, players get to design their heroines – they can choose hair color, hair style and expression, as well as many other options. As well as their own clothing options, female avatars also get their own weapon options, preparing them for the rough world of Travian. And because equal rights applies to everybody, Travian Games is also giving its male heroes some new weapons.
Travian Games will also be celebrating the eighth birthday of its classic game by organizing prize competitions for its players. Over the next eight weeks, the browser games specialist from Bavaria will be awarding eight iPads, 80 fan packages and a total of 80,000 gold in its Travian-related forums, facebook and in the game itself. Winners will need not just luck but will also find their creativity put to the test. You can find further information on the Travian facebook page (one of the biggest fan pages on facebook, with over 1.4 million likes), in country-specific Travian forums and in-game messages.
Over eight years, 120 million players worldwide have experienced and enjoyed the Travian phenomenon in 42 different languages. An incredible community has grown up around Travian. Since 2004, Travian players have been working together in alliances to defend their villages from wild hordes of computer-controlled Natars and rival players. In short, Travian main principle – cooperating to achieve long-term goals – continues to fascinate millions of players and has lost none of its appeal eight years on.

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