The newly-hatched Battlemons can now be admired in their full glory in the open beta

The cute, colorful and seemingly peaceful little monsters look up with their big, sleepy eyes at the research team stranded on their jungle planet. The astronauts soon discover that the creatures – affectionately dubbed Battlemons – can be tamed and trained into powerful fighters. Behind their cute exterior, the little creatures turn out to be relentless in battle. But despite their awesome abilities, they only fight one another in sporting competitions to discover who is the strongest Battlemon on the planet and for the pride and glory of their trainers.

Battlemons for everyone - play now the Open Beta!

In Battlemons, the latest free browser game from Travian Games, the player takes on the role of a Battlemon trainer. You must hatch eggs, feed the hatchlings and care for them until you can train them – you are developing a future champion! During exciting missions, virtual trainers will encounter up to seven unique Battlemon life forms. Each of these has its own unique abilities and characteristics. You must form and use these to gain the upper hand in tactical battles against other Battlemons. To ensure that the game provides lasting motivation and incentives, the development team around producer Vera Frisch has been working hard on some new features.
Vera Frisch says “After a while just breeding Battlemons would get a little monotonous. That’s why you can pick your favorite monster from seven categories to breed further generations, improving colors and talents at higher levels to raise the perfect Battlemon. The trainers can also swap monsters with other trainers. This creates a huge level of variety over time! With the perfect Battlemon at your side, you don’t only take part in exciting battles against other trainers, you can also go on adventures in the nearby unexplored jungle, which is filled with unseen dangers as well as all kinds of treasures."
Travian Games is looking for active trainers for challenging battles to visit them at and take part in the open beta. Register early to be one of the first in the village on the jungle planet. This is where the training and exploring starts – on an alien world that will soon be home to many an ambitious Battlemon owners.

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