Travian Games kicks off 2013 with the SciFi Satire Browsergame Roger & Out

Roger & Out, two hilarious robots, have the first leg of their long hyperspace journey behind them. The alpha phase of their mission to amuse was a big success and now the two protagonist pals are getting ready to take Travian Games latest product to the next level. The closed beta blasts off on Wednesday, 16 January 2013. At anyone can go ahead and apply for one of the limited access codes.

In a galaxy far, far away Roger & Out reach for new boarders - fascinating!

Even though it’s a closed beta, resourceful fans won’t find themselves shut out. In addition to teleporting over to the main site for a code, Travian Games is also offering true sci-fi fans exclusive access codes for the beta via the Roger & Out Facebook page ( The codes are posted on a rolling, first-come, first-serve basis, so fans will want to check the site early and often.
Roger & Out is an entertaining, not-too-serious free to play science fiction roleplaying game. Sci-fi and comics fans battle their way through a galaxy packed with funny parodies of famous genre figures, compete against each other and join together in powerful guilds striving for galactic domination or at least a cup of tea. Creating your own hero is quick and easy. Avatars can be equipped with countless items as the adventure unfolds, all of them harking back to authentic sci-fi favorites.
Travian Games will offer the Roger & Out community new ways to actively immerse themselves in the game’s events. Voting is already open on the Facebook page ( as fans debate who should be the next target of Roger & Out’s barbs and interstellar satire.

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