Sophisticated football manager with premiere league graphics
Players, trainers, transfers: Nothing means more to football fans found their club.

The game

In goalunited, millions of players control the fate of their virtual soccer team with just one objective – make it to the top of the table with tactics, patience and skill.

It's easy to start your career as a manager. Registration and the tutorial consist of only five steps, taking about 10 minutes to complete. After that, the vast world of football opens up before you: with training plan, buying and selling of players, team selection, youth work and choice of staff, the manager’s decisions determine success and failure.

goalunited 2011 gives you total soccer! The manager selects the team and determines player positions, organizes the training sessions, and can even extend the stadium. Picking the right staff is also vital: doctors treat injuries, financial consultants reduce interest, trainers improve players' fitness, and PR managers improve the club's reputation. The interface allows the player to include every nuance, while remaining refreshingly easy to use. For just a few dollars a month, premium customers can enjoy a few extras. These include friend lists, detailed statistics, team logos, player jerseys, a professional search function and savable training variants. 
northworks from Hamburg (Germany) has continued to maintain and develop the browser game since 2006 with considerable success: goalunited has won numerous prizes, including “Best German Sports Game” (gamesdynamite 2007), “Best Graphics” (Galaxy News 2007); the game also took second place as “Best German Sports Game” (German Game Developer Award 2007 and 2009), as well as second place in the category “Best German Browser Game” (German Computer Game Award 2011). This makes it one of the top titles in its genre.

An open, friendly community and regular updates keep the fans happy. It’s no wonder that goalunited players often stick around for years to build up a real career!

For further information on goalunited, see the official website here.


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Current version

goalunited 2015


Soccer management


northworks Software GmbH

Hamburg, Germany

Online since:

February 2006




28 differnt native languages



2005 Hamburg@work Games Award

(Prototype promotion 2. place)

2007 German developer award

(Juryvote "Best German sports game" 2. place)

2007 Best Browsergames

(Readers choice 1. place)

2007 Best grafics in browsergames

(Editors choice 1. place)

2009 German developer award

(Juryvote "Best German sports game" 2. place)

2011 Deutscher Computerspielepreis

(Government award "Best German browsergame" 2. place)
Status as of: August 2011