Full steam into the world of the railroad
Rail Nation combines an in-depth transport simulation with a refined strategy game in charming graphics

The game

Rail Nation picks up speed

People are fascinated with the railroad – millions of enthusiasts worldwide spend their free time on hobbies related to railroads, locomotives and timetables. Successful board games, computer games and entire TV shows are dedicated to the subject – but until now, no contemporary browser game with this setting has truly held the public’s attention.

In Rail Nation, strategy gamers and railroad fans can found their own railroad company, organize profitable transportation routes and join up with other players in corporations to win the game together or alone.

Because movement is everything in the railroad business, Rail Nation has a dynamic landscape map with 3D train models. Every new digital railroad tycoon must develop their personal wealth and their company’s prestige in direct competition with other companies. Calculations of train routes and goods prices are performed in real time. Efficient routes must be planned along with comprehensive timetables for transporting a total of 48 different goods. Growing profits can be used to build a growing fleet of 43 different steam, diesel or electric locomotives and 48 types of railcar.

During the game, the company can service more and more cities and meet the challenges of large-scale freight competitions against other players. Exclusive licenses generate additional income. Targeted goods deliveries to cities influence their growth and long-term development. They also increase their chances to play an important role in the endgame. 

Players also develop the infrastructure of their own train stations. Thanks to the option to found a corporation to unite friends, allies or maybe even former competitors under one roof, Rail Nation places a lot of value on a cooperative gaming experience. Together, you can hire important personalities to gain in-game advantages. A total of several thousand gamers play with and against each other on a server.

Rail Nation is user friendly with a comprehensive tutorial as well as more advanced options, making it equally accessible for beginners and expert gamers. The game lasts 3 - 4 months per round. A round consists of six consecutive railroad eras and a subsequent endgame, where players take their companies into the ultimate competition.

Rail Nation can be played for free in all current browsers. For a few extra euros per month, premium customers can also enjoy various perks that help them build and use locomotives more efficiently.



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