Tactical Battle Racing unleashed on iOS and Android

Am 07/11/2018

Tactical Battle Racing unleashed on iOS and Android
Hyperdrome, an original F2P mobile game developed by Travian Games, launches today, November 7th, on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Players worldwide can now jump into the race on the device of their choice and outsmart their opponents in quick and deadly tactical affairs.

Hyperdrome elevates the tension of true racing by the clever use of power-ups that can decide the contest in the blink of an eye. Keeping your cool under pressure and outfoxing your opponent is the only way to rise in Hyperdrome and become a true racing legend!

Players will be able to test their mettle with:

  • 4 unique race tracks
  • 31 unique power-ups to outsmart your opponents
  • Intense worldwide matches on one server
  • A stunning soundtrack and fx audio

You can join the race today by following the links below:

Android app
iOS app