Travian: Legends Launches Largest Ever Update to Classic Strategy Game

on 12/09/2017

Travian: Legends Launches Largest Ever Update to Classic Strategy Game

Travian: Fire and Sand adds two new tribes for the first time.

Munich, 17 August 2017 – Travian Games has opened the first servers that include the latest and largest ever update to their free-to-play expert strategy game Travian: Legends. The update, titled Travian: Fire and Sand, is part of Travian’s Annual Celebration event and kicks off the 14th year of Travian: Legends.

View the launch trailer of Travian: Fire and Sand here: Fire and Sand Trailer

For years players in Travian: Legends have fought each other by choosing their allegiance to the historic Gauls, Romans or Teutons. With Travian: Fire and Sand two new tribes have been added for the first time: the Huns and Egyptians will each bring a unique personality and playstyle to the battlefield, bringing with them special units, a unique hero ability and a dedicated building.

Travian: Legends is renowned for bringing the massive multiplayer online experience to over 100 million players around the world in over 40 languages since 2004, with thousands more joining the game and choosing one of over 250 game worlds every day. Travian: Legends is a ‘build & raid’ game at heart: players start off with a small village and expand a prospering empire by executing smart strategies, interacting in trade and diplomacy with other players and engaging fierce battles over valuable resources, villages and tactical locations. Main objective is to claim total victory of the server and end the match.

More details about the game are available on the newly revamped Travian website, and you can follow the game on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news. Assets can be found in the press room here.