Admirals: Caribbean Empires has launched its Open Beta!

on 01/03/2019

Admirals: Caribbean Empires has launched its Open Beta!

We are proud to announce that our new next-gen browser MMO, Admirals: Caribbean Empires, is now available on PC.

All aspiring admirals looking for adventure can sign-up for duty to join the the six-weeks-long Open Beta. Players can rewrite history by joining one of the six most powerful seafaring nations of the 18th century, e.g. England or France, and seize control of the Caribbean.

Ambitious admirals will need to learn several core skills to achieve victory in the struggle:

  1. Master trade by developing and defending the best routes to ship the most profitable commodities with.
  2. Wage war against other nations to gain control of sea lanes and defeat hostile admirals in intense ship versus ship tactical battles.
  3. Rise to power by getting promoted to governor, improving cities and advancing in rank – all to guide your nation to victory.
  4. Explore the Caribbean to discover new cities and expand their wealth.

Our developers have worked hard to improve the strategic depth of the war mechanic and setting up trade routes while taking into account all the feedback provided by players during Closed Beta. We invite all aspiring admirals to join our Discord channel to have direct contact with our development and community teams, provide feedback and shape the future course of the game.

We look forward to the future and thank all our players!

Travian Games team