Admirals: Caribbean Empires second Open Beta round is live!

on 08/05/2019

Admirals: Caribbean Empires second Open Beta round is live!

The next gen browser Strategy MMO has entered its second Open Beta round.

Both new and returning players will benefit from improved gameplay mechanics, onboarding, and reworked economy in this release.

Admirals: Caribbean Empires is a complex strategic MMO, calling out to thousands of players to fight for dominance of the sea.

In Admirals: Caribbean Empires, players dive into the 18th century to build a colonial empire and reap the riches of the Caribbean Sea. They can join one of six mighty seafaring nations from that time and master government, trading, diplomacy, and naval war. Players take part in a tense race for expansion of their fleets and holdings.

What is Admirals: Caribbean Empires?

The Bright Future development team in Cologne worked on a lot of improvements for the second Open Beta round. The newly released version…

  • reworked the war resource into cannonballs for more transparency.
  • improved the balancing of sea and city battles.
  • revised the tutorial and quest system.
  • introduced new quests and increased their overall frequency.
  • added treasure maps to the game.

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