Arkheim - Realms at War - Launches Globally!

on 23/09/2021

Arkheim - Realms at War - Launches Globally!

We're delighted to announce that Arkheim – Realms at War is now available to play worldwide on all platforms! Celebrate the launch and join the latest server on!

Arkheim - Realms at War is a team-based 4x strategy game where you must unite in Realms to conquer the world of Arkheim. You'll command mighty Warlords, train enormous armies, and wage massive wars against numerous neighbouring Realms. Only by collecting powerful Orbs will you be able to ascend the floating fantasy islands towards your shared goal: ascending into eternal light.

To be victorious in Arkheim - Realms at War, you must communicate and work together as a team. The beautifully blended team-based game mechanics and latest innovations from top strategy games have been neatly wrapped together for competitive and casual players alike to enjoy. This combination provides immediate fast-paced action with real-time consequences, something fundamental to this fantasy world reminiscent of Tolkien's elves and dwarves.

Arkheim - Realms at War's global release also comes at a time of exciting company vision refinement at Travian Games, with Arkheim – Realms at War being the latest game to respect those new visions.

"As we move towards our company vision of lead-mobile development in the near future, Arkheim - Realms at War focuses on mobile optimization without neglecting its browser counterpart as an equally important platform," said Frederik Hammes COO and Managing Director of Travian Games. "I'm incredibly proud of the development team and everyone involved in making such a true cross-platform game for a wide range of audiences to enjoy."

Watch the official launch trailer for Arkheim - Realms at War here!

You can find more details about the game on the Arkheim – Realms at War website. Follow the game on Facebook, Discord, and YouTube to receive the latest news.