Travian Games and Bright Future receive fundings from BMVI

on 23/04/2021

Travian Games and Bright Future receive fundings from BMVI

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has chosen to support our company's two new projects and back their development financially. With Project Emerald and the Travian: Legends mobile app, we are setting the course for the future of Travian Games.

Project Emerald (working title) remains true to the company's MMO tradition, combining the build-up of each player's estate and the management of its villagers, cooperating to continuously progress the city, which will ultimately lead to independence together with other players. Set in the Caribbean of the 16th-18th centuries, Project Emerald embodies the quest for freedom and independence from European supremacy at the time.

The funding amount for this title is more than 800,000€. The approval of the funding also marks the end of pre-production. Project Emerald will be released in 2022 for both PC (browser) and mobile. The Game Director for Project Emerald, Thomas Schwan, commented on this positive news.

"Project Emerald is our youngest and most ambitious game in recent years. It will break new ground in terms of gameplay and raise the quality and scope of production to a new level. The support from the BMVI funding will allow us to go one step further in optimizing the game and developing it for multiple platforms. We are delighted about the recognition and will do our best to make the most of this opportunity."

With a new mobile version of the browser-based classic, Travian: Legends, Travian Games is setting a further course towards the new company vision of a "Lead mobile company." We want to give all the fans of Travian: Legends the opportunity to follow and play their favorite browser game on the go, regardless of their platform, and tap into new target groups primarily focused on playing mobile games.

The funding of €1 million will enable us to offer a high-quality mobile version of Travian: Legends. Commenting on the decision, the project's Game Director, Eckart Foos, said:

"Meanwhile, the funding program of the BMVI covers the entire range of the project landscape, making it appropriately relevant for a project of this magnitude. The fact that we are now implementing this important project with the help and support from the federal government makes me incredibly happy."

Both projects align with the new company vision, promising cross-platform game worlds for old and new players.