Travian: Rise of Alliances – Core Features

on 24/08/2016

Travian Rise of Alliances Europe map

Travian: Legends’ annual special, Rise of Alliances, is not for the faint-hearted. It’s loaded with features that players have enjoyed the most in Travian: Scattered Empire, Travian Legends’ last year’s anniversary special.

Settling system

Travian: Rise of Alliances takes place on an original, ancient map of Europe. In the beginning, players can settle center regions only, offering a fast-paced, dynamic gameplay from the beginning to the end.

Conquering regions & endgame

Regions can be conquered. This allows players to settle adjacent regions and give them access to powerful artifacts that can be used by all members of an alliance. In addition, regions produce Victory Points for the besieging alliance and those points eventually determine the winner. There is no Wonder of the World.

Relocating & merging troops

The option to relocate and forward troops was first introduced in Scattered Empire and the feedback about those two features was overwhelmingly positive. That’s why the Travian team decided to include them into Travian: Rise of Alliances.

Relocation allows players to selectively move soldiers from one village in their account to another village by sending all or parts of your army as a “reinforcement” and then incorporating them into that village. Troop forwarding allows players to forward their army to villages within their alliance.

No Alchemist’s Cauldron

The feedback about the Alchemist’s Cauldron was mostly negative: the cauldron gives too great an advantage to Gold players and it’s pretty much down to luck what players can gain from using it. That’s why the Alchemist’s Cauldron will not be implemented into Travian: Rise of Alliances.

A more detailed description of all the features can be found in the article about Travian: Scattered Empire. Players will also find information about the new features in Rise of Alliances in a separate post.

On their dedicated blog and social media channels, Facebook and Twitter, the Travian Team will be providing more detailed information about Travian: Rise of Alliances as well as organizing events and contests. The special is expected to be launched in September.