Travian Games donates to ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

on 26/03/2021

Travian Games donates to ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

We are happy to announce that a sum of 24,000€ has been donated towards ENOUGH is ENOUGH! ENOUGH is ENOUGH! is one of Germany's largest LGBTIQ* initiatives working for and supporting the worldwide community.

This first donation comes as the German government reduced the VAT rate for six months in late 2020, causing money to be saved. Travian Games quickly recognized that this non-profit organization heavily aligns with one of our essential core values: being respectful toward each other. Jörg Strathaus, CEO of Travian Games, commented on this significant donation:

"We promised players donations to charities due to the VAT rate reduction for six months in 2020. I am therefore pleased to announce the first donation will be going towards a charitable organization that aligns with one of our essential core values of respect towards each other and our players. We hope that we can support this meaningful organization's further actions and continue to promote mutual respect."

Hanna Lidman, Digital Coordinator & Social Media Marketing for ENOUGH is ENOUGH! gave a statement upon receiving this donation:

"It is a difficult time. We are in the middle of a pandemic. But human rights are also being violated around the world during this time. It is therefore incredibly important that people get involved in human rights. As an initiative, we can only do what we do when we receive donations. The donation from Travian Games will help us get through the pandemic safely so we can continue to educate, support, and work for equality where it is needed most."

Travian Games would like to thank ENOUGH is ENOUGH! for their continued efforts in promoting mutual respect, helping others, and educating those in need of support.