Christmas Fundraising for Charity at Travian Games

on 19/12/2017

Travian Games christmas press release 2017

Travian Games GmbH and its employees are gathering donations over the Christmas period for a good cause.

Munich, December 19th, 2017 – The Munich-based games producer Travian Games is also supporting a charitable organization this year and collecting donations within the company for the foundation Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München (Munich Children's Hospice).

The multi-disciplinary team at the AKM foundation take cares of the families of children with severe and incurable diseases. Travian Games GmbH wishes to raise awareness for these kinds of foundations and keep in mind - not only at Christmas - those who have to go through difficult times. Bavaria's largest games company has therefore already been committed to the charitable organization for two years. In 2017, Travian Games assumed a family sponsorship with the Munich Children's Hospice and was thus able to further build on this close partnership.

For instance, in November of this year, Travian Games gave an impressive example of how cooperation between a German games producer and a charitable organization can work: The online role-playing title Miramagia hosted a charity event in the game. In collaboration with the subsidiary Bright Future, Travian Games designed an exclusive in-game item called "Mina". This item concerns a colorful magical creature that acts as a kind of strong companion and loyal friend for the player's avatar. The proceeds of this accessory from the German-speaking game worlds were donated to the AKM foundation.

For this year's fundraising event in the run up to Christmas, the Bavarian company is guaranteeing a donation total of €5,000. In addition, donations will also be collected within the company: Each employee has the opportunity to donate to the AKM foundation. This amount will then be doubled by Travian Games GmbH. What's more, the games producer has decided not to send any printed Christmas cards this year, instead preferring to email a digital version to all the company's business partners. The amount of money this will save in terms of printing and postage will likewise benefit this extraordinary organization.

The regional nature of the Munich Children's Hospice also reflects the focus of the Munich-based games producer. Both companies are dedicated to the local community. The Managing Director of Travian Games GmbH, Lars Janssen, exemplifies this particularly through his voluntary efforts within the organization: "We are a company with many parents among our employees, so our work with the Munich Children's Hospice is very close to our hearts. This is why I am personally committed to this cause. I would also like to utilize the possibilities of Travian Games GmbH to contribute to supporting AKM in the long term and facilitating their valuable work in the region, not just monetarily."

Travian Games wishes all its employees, partners, and players a wonderful Christmas season and would not only like to give back with its fundraising campaign during the festive period, but also raise long-term awareness for issues such as philanthropy and mutual support.