Rail Nation - Origin Journey launches this week!

on 14/05/2019

Rail Nation - Origin Journey launches this week!

Players can master an original railway scenario which will take them on a scenic journey through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Rail Nation - Origin Journey will be available for a limited time only with multiple regional and international servers starting in May so make sure to join soon if you wish to play it.

Players will explore the German-speaking part of Europe from the Baltic Sea to the beautiful Alps and from Berlin to Geneva. They can discover 50 realistic German, Austrian and Swiss cities with their own authentic landmarks spread across a new map with a beautiful and modern design.

Rail Nation OJ CitySelection EN

This scenario goes back to the roots of the game, challenging players to research engines, expand their railway network and grow their cities into a megacity.

Rail Nation OJ 01 en welcome

Origin Journey will also feature for the first time regional goods including famous cars, exquisite watches and delicious cake, to name just a few.

Rail Nation OJ 02 en map

We invite all fans to jump on board and enjoy the brand new Origin Journey scenario!