Arkheim – Realms at War: The New dungeon update is live!

on 10/06/2021

Arkheim – Realms at War: The New dungeon update is live!

A new Arkheim – Realms at War Early Access round has started, featuring a significant update to Arkheim's Dungeon.

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The newly overhauled Dungeon adds a lot more depth – it now features up to 750 levels in 5 stages packed full of riches, enemies and pathways for you to discover and explore! Players will enjoy a more diverse and exciting PVE experience, incentivizing more teamwork and collaboration within their Realm. Travel deep enough into the unknown depths of the Dungeon, and you'll encounter even more challenging battles but far greater rewards. How far will you go?

Should you want to learn more about the new Dungeon update, you can read our latest Dev-Diary, where we discuss even more details!

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