Arkheim – Realms at War Early Access has launched

on 18/11/2019

Arkheim – Realms at War Early Access has launched

After two very successful Closed Beta rounds, we are happy to announce that we just launched the next phase of the project: Arkheim – Realms at War is now officially in Early Access!

This means that everyone can now join the game and explore the world of Arkheim at

The Early Access of Arkheim - Realms at War has launched on November 18th and we invite players to join and to provide their feedback. The team is excited to discover how our players will engage with our new MMO Strategy War Game and what epic battles they will unleash during their conquest for eternal light!

Players of Arkheim will find themselves in a fantasy universe troubled by conflict, where they will choose to play as Dwarves or Elves. United in Realms, they will fight to conquer territory, resources, and powerful orbs. Step by step, they will ascend through the shattered continent. In their struggle for power they will command mighty warlords on the battlefield. Fallen soldiers will rise again as undead soldiers and continue their fight against demons in dungeons!

Key features:

  • Realm-vs-realm PvP warfare
  • Organic Matchmaking
  • Territorial conquest played on an open map
  • Players organize and unite in realms of 8 to 16 players
  • A detailed and mysterious fantasy universe
  • Choose two races with unique traits: Dwarfs or Elves
  • Raise armies of fallen soldiers
  • Fight intense tactical battles with your warlords.

Unite your Realm and Ascend to Victory!