Travian: Legends celebrates its 15th anniversary

on 25/09/2019

Travian: Legends celebrates its 15th anniversary

Celebrating the game’s 15th anniversary, the Codex Victoria event has proven to be a huge success already with thousands of players joining the servers since the start in September.

Interested players can watch the official Behind the Annual Special video
here. To celebrate the launch of the Codex Victoria event, a special behind-the-scenes video showing how the Travian: Legends team works on the flagship title including interviews with the game director Eckart Foos and expert players has been produced.

In Codex Victoria, the player chooses one of the five Travian tribes to start their first of many villages. Set on a map of ancient Europe, players join alliances and take certain roles and tasks to conquer different regions of the ancient European area. The game is still fun and challenging, as only one group of players can win the game. Reworked visuals for each tribal village and the game interface have been added, as well as more detailed player statistics and game features.

TL Codex Victoria Ingame Footage 1

15 years of Travian has been a wild ride and we want to give something back to the community,” said Eckart Foos, Game Director for Travian: Legends. “Travian is so much more than just a game, its players define the experience each and every new game round. We want to celebrate with them, share their stories and in the end the Codex Victoria special contains a lot of features which were requested by the players.”

TL Codex Victoria Ingame Footage 2