Watch 4Sight in action!

on 15/11/2018

Watch 4Sight in action!

4Sight releases its first adrenaline-fueled gameplay trailer.

You can pre-register now to get the chance for an exclusive gameplay session before the start of Alpha Access in the beginning of 2019.

4Sight is an online real-time PVP tactics game in which players will:

  • Lead a squad of four hardened mercenaries picked from a roster of unique classes.
  • Jump into the arena and battle their opponents in adrenaline-fueled 1v1 matches.
  • Use formations, cover and elevation to wreak havoc on the enemy squad.
  • Equip mercenaries with unique abilities, weapons and gadgets for tactical options.
  • Direct the battle using RTS style controls from an isometric perspective.

4Sight Pre-Alpha ingamescreenshot 1 151118

4Sight is a premium game, planned for launch later in 2019. Join us on Discord and Twitter!