Conquer the USA with Rail Nation

on 26/05/2014

Rail Nation USA scenario

The USA scenario brings the original US map, new engines and fresh game features into the railway game developed by Bright Future.

Munich, 26th May 2014 – Legendary USA: The Land of Opportunity. Experience first-hand the battle of East vs. West with the all-new Rail Nation USA scenario. Choose one of the two factions and try to become top dog in the American railway network. The future is wide-open and starting today, all players can conquer the USA in the free browser game Rail Nation.

All interested strategy gamers and railway friends now have the chance to set up their own railway enterprise in the USA.

In order to create an authentic American atmosphere, the whole map is modelled on the real USA. 50 original cities have been placed on the map, which, supported by many new map objects, has been designed as authentically as possible. Numerous sights like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon exude the charm of the USA.

The USA scenario replaces many of the authentic 3D train models with engines from the USA. 14 new engines were painstakingly modelled and rendered to provide players with the ultimate realism. For the USA scenario, the engine purchase screen underwent a complete overhaul and now presents the engines in high resolution across the entire screen, while also enabling the acquisition of multiple engines at a time. Additionally, there are now also 36 alternative engine paint jobs to choose from, making your locomotives even more custom. All Rail Nation Classic players can acquire the USA engines for their account as well. Any acquired paint jobs and alternative production series remain available in later game rounds.

The great East vs. West duel takes centre stage in the USA scenario as two railway factions fight for dominance in the USA: Atlantic Railway in the east and Pacific Railroad in the west. At the start of the game, each player picks a side and sticks with it until the end of the game round. In the beginning, cities are evenly distributed according to geographic location and can be taken over through goods deliveries as the game progresses. The more cities change hands and the higher the levels of the cities controlled by a faction, the more points are awarded. At the end, the faction that collected the most points wins the duel.

Eleven warehouses, spread across the map, offer new strategic opportunities to the players. All unlocked goods can either be delivered to or collected from here.

The many new features benefit not only the players of the USA scenario in Rail Nation but also players of the popular version Rail Nation Classic.

For example, the train list has been revised to make controls easier for the player. Servicing is now much more convenient and owners of a PLUS Account can now buy multiple engines simultaneously. All engines have undergone extensive re-balancing and small adjustments have also been made to the endgame.

Interested players can register here and smell the smoke of mighty steam engines or feel the airstream of super-fast electric trains. There is also the Facebook page which provides regular updates and information. The official game forum is available here.