Travian Games Summer Party 2017

on 17/12/2017

Travian Games summer event 2017

Travian Games GmbH places great importance on a strong team spirit and communication within the company, which is why the company celebrates a party with all its employees twice a year. Especially these kinds of events foster a friendly and welcoming corporate culture.

Just like every year, the Munich-based company also came up with something unique for the 2017 summer party and chose an extraordinary location: The summer party took place in the alpine foothills of Allgäu and thus demonstrated the largest Bavarian games company's deep roots in the region. Travian Games GmbH invited its employees to a mountain hut jamboree, where the various teams and departments were able to come together and sit down for a chat or two outside the world of work.

Here are some of the spectacular visuals taken at the event: