Rail Nation: The career engine is here

on 04/05/2017

Rail Nation career engine news

The career engine is here!

Tintin has Snowy. Holmes has Watson. And you… have your engine. The new career engine accompanies you throughout the game worlds and will always remind you of your best moments. And as you grow as a player, it too will grow. You can use career points that you earn through achievements in the game to improve your career engine. You will be joined by your aerodynamic companion from the second career level und will be available in each game world for the ‘Classic’ and ‘Steam over Europe’ scenarios. If you collected sufficient points before the engine enters the game, you can install all kinds of upgrades right away. You and your friends can marvel at your engine in the career overview, where it will receive its own section.

Not just for the trophy cabinet

Don’t worry, your engine won’t be a dust collector. It represents all your hard work and success, and what they have brought you. Under the bonnet you’ll find a powerful companion for your journeys in Rail Nation. Its peak values are also impressive: if you fully upgrade your loyal companion, it has a top speed of up to 250 km/h with an acceleration of 20/20. Work on your engine won’t be lost. It’s available again on all game worlds with all the installed upgrades onboard.

An engine for eternity

You’ll never get bored with your engine and the 99 upgrades available. And here’s the best part: its condition doesn’t deteriorate! That’s because a true career engine is timeless. Since you can upgrade reliability to 100%, you won’t need to worry about wear. The only thing it picks up on its journeys are shared experiences. Of course, such a loyal companion needs its own space and won’t take up any slots in your engine house. On top of that, your engine can haul all goods of the current and previous era, as soon as you have researched the relevant part. Goods from the first era can be hauled by your career engine right away. With up to 20 waggons it will haul in lots of revenue.

Even William is already head over heels with his engine. “There are so many engines in this world. Fast, powerful, modern or gone. But for me there’s just the one”.