Christmas Fundraising for Charity

on 29/01/2021

Christmas Fundraising for Charity

Travian Games and its employees gathered donations for a good cause.

Travian Games announces that a sum of 6,450€ has been raised and donated towards the Stiftung Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München (Munich Children's Hospice). The amount will go towards supporting disadvantaged families and their children. The Travian Games family gathered to raise money for the AKM at Christmas last year.

Travian Games has supported AKM (Munich Children's Hospice) since 2016, assisting in the first half of 2020 due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, sponsoring with technical support, and especially via the yearly fundraising at Christmas time. Eva-Maria Büttner, Fundraiser and PR for AKM, thanked Travian Games for this donation, saying:

"My deepest thanks and respect for so much humanity and charity. It is great when a company like Travian Games is aware of its social responsibility and continues to be socially committed - even in times of crisis. The company's employees are an incredible help. They are like guardian angels for all of us here at the AKM because it is only through your help that we can continue to assist those in need."

The multi-disciplinary team at the AKM foundation takes care of the families of children with severe and incurable diseases. Travian Games wishes to raise awareness for these kinds of foundations and keep in mind - not only at Christmas - but those also who have to go through difficult times. Bavaria's largest games company has therefore already been committed to the charitable organization since 2016. In 2017, Travian Games assumed a family sponsorship with the Munich Children's Hospice. They were thus able to further build on this close partnership.

We want to express our sincerest appreciation and gratitude towards all the staff at Travian Games who donated towards such a cause and raised awareness for the AKM.