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Your Benefits

Flexible work

Benefit from a fully flexible hybrid work model. Within our core hours, you decide when and where you prefer to work with no crunch time. Get support for child-care, kita-cooperation, and enjoy an attractive office space at our Munich headquarters.

Make an impact

At Travian Games, you aren’t just a number. You’ll always be working on exciting tasks and meaningful projects. Express your opinions freely, and benefit from our open culture to help shape our games.

Personal development

We want to develop great people just as much as great games. Benefit from our regular in-house and external training to develop yourself personally and professionally. We also offer support for employees wanting to learn German with classes free of charge. Los geht's!

Health and well-being

We've partnered with some fantastic gyms where we cover a chunk of your membership fee. We also have an excellent bike leasing scheme, so you can get a bike of your choosing.

Choose your hardware

Mac or PC, iOS or Android? We've got what you need to help you excel in your craft, and we won’t judge you for what you choose… Probably.

Regular socials and events

Even though we're restricted with in-office socializing, we still hold online events on a regular basis! Wait, can you hear us? We're not muted, are we?

Reward programs

Our success comes from our employees. That’s why we have an annual reward program that shares some of our profit with you. In addition to that, we reward you for every 5 years that you’ve been in the company.

Hire a friend

We are always looking for new talent. If you know just the right person and refer them to us, you will receive a bonus as soon as your friend passes their probation period. Enough to invite them to a nice lunch. If you want to.


Do these FAQ also refer to the subsidiaries Bright Future in Cologne and northworks in Hamburg?

No, they refer exclusively to Travian Games GmbH in Munich. More information about Bright Future and northworks can be found at brightfuture.de and northworks.de. Please contact them by email via jobs@brightfuture.de or jobs@northworks.de.

Should I attach a picture of myself to my job application?

That’s completely up to you. We can ensure you that whether you attach a picture or not won’t affect how we will treat your application.

Should I write a letter of motivation?

Yes. We would like to get a better idea why you want to work for Travian Games, why you’ve chosen this position, and why you fit it better than anyone else!

How do I know if my application was sent successfully?

You will receive an automatic email from us after your application was successful.

I have accepted a job somewhere else. How can I cancel my application?

Informing us that you want to withdraw your application saves us a lot of efforts, so we do really appreciate it. Please just send an email to jobs@traviangames.com.

What happens with my personal data?

As soon as you upload your data into our system, you allow us to save, edit and use it for the duration of the application process. If you want to withdraw from this, simply send an email to jobs@traviangames.com. We will delete your application and data straight away.

How can I apply for a job at Travian Games?

Please use the “APPLY NOW!” button to submit your application.

How long does the application process take?

The application process should not take longer than 15 minutes.

What files do I need to include in my job application?

Please check the mandatory/optional list for your chosen job opening in the recruiting system. If you’re not an EU resident, but already have a residence permit, feel free to attach it as well.

Should my application be in English or German?

Usually we prefer job applications in English, if not otherwise stated within the specific job advertisement.

Can I apply for several positions at the same time?

Yes, you can.

If I receive a rejection, can I still apply for a different job?

A rejection for one position does not necessarily mean an overall rejection from the company. You can still apply for different roles if you think you’re a good fit.

What happens after I send my job application?

Your application will be checked by HR and, if deemed positive, forwarded to whoever was advertising the position. If they are convinced and would like to get to know you further, they will invite you to a job interview. This happens either via skype or on-site, depending on your location.

Is there a dress code for the interview?

No. You can always “dress to impress”, but keep in mind we are a games company and not a bank. We prefer you wear something that fits your personality and that you would also wear to work on a normal day.

What steps is Travian Games taking regarding COVID-19?

Travian Games is committed to staff safety at all times, especially during this on-going pandemic. Following the German government's rules and regulations around COVID-19, our Munich, Hamburg, and Cologne offices have taken necessary steps to ensure all staff members' safety when in-office. You will have the option to work from home, with home-office flexibility, until such times as these regulations change.

Can I apply as a lateral entrant?

Yes, you can. Lateral entrants are a frequent occurrence in the IT industry and often provide a new perspective on issues at hand.

How long does it take until I receive feedback on my application?

You receive a notification email immediately after you finish your application. After that, we try to reply to you as soon as we can.

How does travel booking and reimbursement work?

Generally, you will organize your travel yourself. We reimburse any travel costs from your home to our office that match the price of a coach class train ticket. However, this will be organized with you properly during the process of your application.

Does Travian Games support me with the relocation to Munich?

We support the relocation to Munich for new employees who start a permanent position at Travian Games with a relocation agency. Further details will be talked about during your application process.

What is the company language at Travian Games?

Both English and German are used frequently at Travian Games. However, due to our international team, most meetings and official events are held in English.

Does Travian Games offer apprenticeships?

Yes. Please check our available job openings to see if any are currently advertised. Alternatively, you can also send us a speculative application.

Is it possible to do a school internship at Travian Games?

Currently not.

How flexible are the working hours at Travian Games?

We don’t track working hours but rather follow a trust-based principle. Our core hours where we expect every employee to be in the office are from 10:00am until 4:30pm. In addition to that, some teams have individual core hours that are suited better to their needs.

Can I write my thesis at Travian Games?

We are not actively looking for students writing their thesis at Travian Games. Nevertheless, if you think you have just the right topic, feel free to approach us proactively!

Can I do freelance work for Travian Games?

We work with freelancers at times, especially in art, UX or development. We have no demand for sound designers, unfortunately. You can either directly apply to one of the advertised freelance jobs or connect with our HR Team on linkedin.

What options for further professional development are there at Travian Games?

We offer our employees a variety of in-house trainings. There are language courses as well as soft-skill coaching. Employees also have the opportunity to take part in internal and external trainings as well as conference visits regarding their individual profession.

Can I send a speculative application?

Please apply to our open job ads listed above.

I have additional questions!

For further questions about your application, please send a message to jobs@traviangames.com. For all other questions, please use the contact form on our website.