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Gamescom 2017 Travian Games panel

Texas meets Bavaria

on 23/08/2017

Lars Janssen, CEO of Travian Games, discussed together with Richard Garriott from Portalarium, J Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton from ArtCraft Entertainment the opportunities and expectations of crowdfunding after their extraordinary success on Kickstarter.

Shroud of the Avatar logo

Travian Games and Portalarium partner up for Shroud of the Avatar

on 31/07/2017

Travian Games has announced its support for the Texan developer Portalarium and their MMORPG “Shroud of the Avatar”.

Rail Nation career engine news

Rail Nation: The career engine is here

on 04/05/2017

The career engine is here!

BIU logo

Travian Games GmbH becomes a member of the BIU

on 05/04/2017

The BIU (Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software) welcomes Travian Games GmbH as a new member: Travian Games joined the BIU on April 1st.